Alphonza Green

Assistant Director

I have been working within the Education field since 1999.  I have had the pleasure of being a classroom teacher, Math coach, Tutoring Site Director, managing thirteen (13) tutoring school sites, managing Tutoring and Supplemental Services in three (3) states, and providing Education Quality Services nationwide.  I have also had the opportunity of providing professional development opportunities to teachers and running a summer learning academy.

It is my belief that all children are capable of succeeding.  We must provide them the right opportunities and give them the tools to achieve.   It is my goal to advocate for students especially here within the Seminole Tribe of Florida.  It has been my pleasure to watch the success of our children so far and look forward to ensuring success of the children in the future.

Contact Alphonza Green

 Phone: 954-989-6840 Ext. 10544