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Randy Budde

Randy Budde

Director of CSSS

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The biggest joy in my life, after marriage, a year later was greeting my twin boys. The responsibility of caring for them and molding them into adulthood was overwhelming as well as awesome.  Mingled with the joy of becoming a new father was the daunting task of raising these two infants.

We’re not given classes on becoming a parent and parenting is an ongoing learning process for me. Bringing my boys up, I have grown along with them.  Responsibility and love does that to you.
Thus, starting my new position here presents very similar challenges.  I am going to work with all of you, giving you the best I have to offer, and hope with your input, we can all succeed.

I want the input, not only of the staff here, but the children themselves to help us all to succeed.  The bottom line, it is all about the children.  I hope to set goals for them to succeed, not only in education or money as a measure of success, but growing up to be kind, caring, having moral values and the most important -  Never forgetting the pride in their history of who they are. 

 Favorite quote:
“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” - Albert Einstein

Playing beach volleyball, coaching boys’ soccer, Marvel comics, and Fantasy Football.

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